[NEWS] Liv'Ez Co. Website Makeover on the Way!

Saying Goodbye to Liv'Ez Co.'s First Website Design...

Debuting on November 7, 2022; Liv'Ez Co.'s website has featured a clean and modern look. Moving into the next phase of our growth, we will be refreshing our website and bringing you a new look.

Back in September of 2020, we embarked on our journey of developing Liv'Ez Co.'s e-commerce website. 

With a pocket full of dreams, we designed the first version of the layout and user interface of our website. The e-commerce functionalities of our website (shopping cart, shipping integration, payment, etc.) are powered by secured, 3rd party software. 

Finally, after 2 months of hard work and troubleshooting, we released our first website to the world on November 7, 2020! 

Two women sitting in front of a laptop computer scrolling through images.

We are so proud of creating the first version of our website back in 2020.

Now, 2 years into the future, we are excited to announce that we will be upgrading our current website, in addition to refreshing the entire layout. Although it's a costly and time-consuming commitment, we believe that the timing couldn't be more perfect in order to welcome the new year in 2023.

Woman's hands scrolling through images on an iPad.

Our new website will just be as user-friendly and beautiful as the last.

As a small and humble team, we thank you for your patience with us at this time as we work through the technical execution of our website, in order to bring you a renewed user experience. We promise to try and limit user disruptions during the transition to our new design, and ensure your inquiries, web-related or otherwise, are promptly responded to, via email. 

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