[NEWS] Vegan Lip Balms are ALL GROWN UP

Liv'Ez Co.'s Vegan Lip Balms Are Now 40% Bigger Than Before

Just in time for the holidays: we are excited to announce that starting today, all of our Nature Lip Balms will be packaged in our new, larger, 10-gram size. Upgraded from our previous 7-gram size; we’ve increased the amount of product by 40% while keeping the same, nourishing formulas to keep your lips moisturized all through winter.

We’ve always loved our cute, little 7-gram lip balms. Not only were they adorable and unique; they were also small enough to be tucked away neatly in bags and pockets, and wide enough for fingers of most sizes to push up from the bottom. 

On top of that, our little lip balms featured recycled paper tubes, which could be easily recycled by municipal paper recycling programs after you finished the tube. 

And compared to standard lip balms in twist-up plastic tubes, like the ones you'll find Blistex®, Burt’s Bees®, and Lip Smacker® lip balms in—that contained only 4.25 grams of product: our little, mighty tubes offered 65% more balm per tube! 

Liv'Ez Co.'s 7-gram Nature Lip Balm No. 2

Liv'Ez Co.'s 7-gram Nature Lip Balm No. 2 "Rosé"

Standard Plastic Lip Balm Tubes

Standard Plastic Lip Balm Tubes

When you picked up our Liv’Ez Co.'s Nature Lip Balm, not only were you getting more product per package; which helped cut down on cosmetic packaging waste—you were also choosing a product with recyclable, zero waste packaging.

However, our little lip balms weren’t without flaws: some of our customers thought that the tube was a bit too small. We were told that the small size made it hard to read the text on the label, and also too easy to lose in bags and purses. 

We quickly went back to the drawing board to figure out how we could fix this problem, because we wanted customers to enjoy and use our Nature Lip Balms without stressing over the label or losing them before the whole tube was used up. 

We considered making the tubes narrower and longer; but because the only mechanism to dispense balms from paper tubes was a push up disk at the bottom—a slim tube would make it next to impossible to dispense product unless customers carried a narrow stick around just for that purpose. 

Nature Lip Balms are Growing Up!

Nature Lip Balms are Growing Up!

Liv'Ez Co.'s NEW 10-gram Nature Lip Balm No. 2 "Rosé"

Liv'Ez Co.'s NEW 10-gram Nature Lip Balm No. 2 "Rosé"

Fortunately, through prototyping and testing, we realized that expanding the length of the tubes was the key to solving all of the problems. A longer tube size with the same width gave us more packaging space for larger text on labels, while also making the lip balms easier to keep track and find. On top of that, with a longer tube, it was also easier for individuals with motor and/or joint ailments to use.

With our new, larger, grown up tubes and labels: we now offer all of our Nature Lip Balms in the 10-gram size! They feature the same, vegan formula with vitamin-rich plant ingredients, like: argan oil, grape seed oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and babassu oil—packaged in the same recycled paper tube packaging, that goes right into your paper recycling bin after you finish the tube. 

As of today, we've already sold and shipped over a dozen of our new, 10-gram Nature Lip Balms to our customers all over Canada. Some even wrote to us to tell us how much they appreciated the new, larger size, without changing the nourishing formula—especially now, with the cold, harsh weather outdoors, and dehydrating heat indoors. They've told us that these new, larger balms were easier to toss in purses or pockets without worrying about losing them. 

NEW Nature Lip Balms

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For the holidays this year, grab a few or grab all of our Nature Lip Balms for stocking stuffers, office gifts, goodie bags, and more; and give the gift of eco-friendly and zero waste lip care to your friends and family, so they, too, can have soft and supple lips all through the year.

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