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Love Yourself Set No. 2: Lavender

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Self-Care Set / Coffret cadeau soins personnels
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4-piece wellness set & mini potpourri bouquet

« Love Yourself Set No. 2: Lavender » is the best gift for relaxation and self-care enthusiasts, and, especially, fans of lavender. Each set features:


1. Refreshing Bath Salt No. 3: Serene - Value: $24

Calm the mind with delicate notes of English lavender, while turmeric and kaolin powders cleanses and renews tired skin.

  • Blend of pure sea salt and epsom salt
  • Soothing blend of English lavender, Dutch lavender, and cedarwood essential oils
  • Comes with one (1) wooden spoon

2. Soothing Body Oil No. 1: Dry - Value: $28

Calming lavender body oil with fruit, fruit kernel, and plant seed oils to help lock in moisture. Can be added to baths for extra skin nourishment. Formulated for dry skin.

  • Light and delicate notes of English lavender and Dutch lavender essential oils

3. Calming Facial Soap: Lavender - Value: $20

Floral English and Dutch lavender, grounded with subtle notes of North American cedar. Infused with skin-soothing alkanet root. Mild and gentle; suitable for all skin types.

  • Coloured with alkanet root extract and kaolin clay
  • Scented with pure essential oils of English lavender, Dutch lavender, and cedar

4. Nurture Salve No. 4: Rest - Value: $15

Calming vegan salve to help with relaxation.

  • Peaceful and harmonic blend of orange, English lavender, Dutch lavender, palmarosa, and cedarwood
  • Solid salve in a compact size; perfect for travel

5. *BONUS* Dried Florals Potpourri: Lavender - Value: $15

Limited-edition, bonus gift for all online orders of « Love Yourself Set No. 2: Lavender ».

  • Luxurious mini bouquet with hints of lavender and cedar
  • Easy to display and scent your space: place bouquet in a small jar on a flat surface
  • Handcrafted with love and care with specially selected flowers





Responsibly Sourced

Responsibly Sourced

Small Batch

Small Batch

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